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March - April 2021 Schedule

We offer a variety of online activities. Along with your daily self-treatment and exercises, it is recommended to get together with your fellow practitioners to learn from each other.

Every Monday

Hatsurei-ho Practice

22:00 Japan time

Mikao Usui Sensei introduced the original Hatsurei-ho, and this is a modified style. It is effective to improve your resonance with Reiki and heal yourself. Begin your week with a calm and peaceful mind with Hatsurei-ho.

Please contact us for the ZOOM link.

Sunday, Mar 21, 2021

21:00-22:30 Japan time

We get together with our members from around the world once a month and practice various exercises and techniques together. It is the best way to let go of your stress and anxiety. Experience the power of relaxation sharing the light with other people. 

Please contact us for the ZOOM link.

To Be Announced

Master Workshop
21:00-23:00 Japan time

Due to our scheduling conflicts, the master workshop has been canceled. We deeply apologize for this inconvenience.  We will make a plan and post our next master workshop as soon as possible. Please check back this  page whenever you can!

Please contact us for the ZOOM link.

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Gendai Reiki network (GRN) is a non-profit organization to inform society that Reiki is an effective and safe natural remedy and also a technique suitable for lifelong learning that enhances quality of life. We provide a wide variety of opportunities to get to know about Gendai Reiki. 

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