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November 2023

The GRN offers monthly Koryukai and study sessions in various languages.  While daily practice is the most important aspect of Reiki, a greater and deeper Reiki resonance can be experienced when practicing with many colleagues.  Would you like to experience this?  Gendai Reiki practitioners who are not members of the GRN are also welcome to try it out. Please contact us here.
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Online Hatsurei-ho Practice

22:00-22:30  Japan time Every Monday

Hatsureiho is one of the most powerful Reiki practices that Mikao Usui Sensei encouraged his students to do daily. By practicing with other practitioners, we can feel and refine our inner Reiki even more. 

Image by David Edelstein

Online Japanese Free Discussion Session

Thursday, November 9
06:30-07:30 USA/Canada EST,  08:30-09:30 Sao Paulo,  11:30-12:30 UK
12:30-13:30 France, Spain,  15:30-16:30 U.A.E.,  19:30-20:30 Malaysia, Taiwan
20:30-21:30 Japan,  22:30-23:30 Sydney

This is a free topic discussion session with those gathered.  All members are welcome.
Japanese only, no translation.

Image by Jon Tyson

Online Spanish Manual Reading Session

Sunday, November 12th
11:00-12:00 Mexico,  12:00-13:00 Panama, Peru,  13:00-14:00 Venezuela
14:00-15:00 Argentina, Chile,  18:00-19:00 Spain,  22:30-23:30 New Delhi


We read the Spanish manuals aloud and discuss the contents to deepen our understanding.
Spanish only, no translation.

Image by Daniel Prado

Online Koryukai Japanese-Spanish

Sunday, November 19
05:30-07:00 Mexico,  06:30-08:00 Panama, Peru,  07:30-09:00 Venezuela
08:30-10:00 Argentina, Chile,  12:30-14:00 Spain,  15:30-17:00 U.A.E., 

20:30-22:00 Japan,  22:30-24:00 Sydney

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Online English-Portuguese Koryukai

Monday, November 27
16:00-17:00 U.S./Canada PST,  17:00-18:00 U.S./Canada MST
18:00-19:00 U.S./Canada CST,  19:00-20:00 U.S./Canada EST
21:00-22:00 Sao Paulo
Tuesday, November 28
08:00-09:00 Malaysia,  09:00-10:00 Japan,  11:00-12:00 Sydney

Image by Cecile Hournau

Online Koryukai English-French

Tuesday, November 28
12:30-13:30 U.S./Canada PST,  13:30-14:30 U.S./Canada MST
14:30-15:30 U.S./Canada CST,  15:30-16:30 US/Canada EST
20:30-21:30 U.K.,  21:30-22:30 Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy


2024 New Year Reiju Ceremony with Doi Sensei

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Event Program

Part 1: 13:30-15:45  New Year Reiju Ceremony for Gendai Reiki Masters 

Part 2: 16:00-18:00  Koryukai for Gendai Reiki Masters and Gendai Reiki Practitioners 

Part 3: 18:15-20:00  Formal dinner* for Gendai Reiki Masters and Gendai Reiki Practitioners

Fees for Gendai Reiki Masters: Please choose one of the following options. (Please submit your Gendai Reiki Master certificate when you register)

(1) Part 1 + Part 2 + Part 3 (Special price for booking all parts): 27,000 yen, or
(2) Part 1 + Part 2: 18,000 yen

For Gendai Reiki practitioners (Levels 1 to 3): Please choose one of the following options. Please submit your Gendai Reiki Practitioner certificate when you register.

(3) Part 2 + Part 3 (Dinner Discount) 19,000 yen, or
(4) Part 2 only: 8,000 yen

Registration has opened on September 1, 2023 and will close when the maximum number of participants is reached, or on December 3, 2023. Please register using the New Year Reiju Ceremony Application Form here.  First-time participants in the New Year Reiju Ceremony after 2020 will be asked to submit their final level certificate. If you have any questions, please contact the office.

Image by MD Duran

2024 In-person Master Workshop 

Sunday, January 21, 2024
10:00-16:30 Room 311, Center Building
National Olympics Memorial Youth Center, Sangubashi, Tokyo,  Japan

For: Gendai Reiki Masters
Fee: 5,500 yen for GRN Master members, 8,800 yen for non-member Gendai Reiki Masters
Capacity: 30 on a first-come, first-served basis 
(simultaneous translation in English and Portuguese provided)
Registration Deadline: Friday, December 15

Content: We will cover topics requested by participants through questionnaires.
Examples of content from last year's workshops

  • Basic flow of Koryukai (explanation of each exercise)

  • Review of attunement methods

  • How to give Reiki sessions

  • How to conduct a Gendai Reiki class (time, content, price, follow-up)

  • About Anshin Ritsumei

Concept and Goals of the GRN Master Workshop
The GRN Master Workshop is not a teacher-student approach, but rather an exchange of ideas and experiences based on the concept that there are many different ways of understanding and practicing Reiki and its applications. Since all participants have different experiences and backgrounds, the focus is on broadening your understanding by learning a wide range of ideas and experiences.

Please click here to register.

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