Gendai Reiki Ho

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The Gendai Reiki Method is widely recognized in Japan and around the world.
It is a simple and practical Reiki method that can be used on a daily basis, following the spiritual improvement taught by Mikao Usui (臼井甕男) and fully benefiting from its effects.


Gendai Reiki Ho is not a new Reiki system. It can be referred to as “original Japanese Usui Reiki Ryoho in the Gendai Reiki style,” as it allows people in modern society to learn and practice the original Japanese Usui Reiki Ryoho easily and comfortably.

Reiki is a healing method using Reiki, and ‘to be healed’ means to go back to its original, healthy state. Not just the body, but also mind and soul are all in a healthy state. Usui Sensei said that Usui Reiki Ryoho included both aspects of physical treatment and spiritual practice. He completely trusted a Reiki practitioner as to which aspect to take. If you understand Reiki as physical treatment, your Reiki session will be a physical treatment mainly targeting the physical body. If you understand Reiki as a spiritual practice to heal mind and soul, your Reiki session will be a spiritual practice.

With Gendai Reiki Ho, you will be able to heal the mind and body and improve spirituality. 

Four Basic Rules of Gendai Reiki Ho:

  1. Resonance: to resonate with Reiki and aspire to a healthy and happy life. It is a way to live our life fruitfully.

  2. Transparency: to avoid prejudice, dogma, and secrecy. Eliminate any mystical aspect, and do not advocate Reiki as a mysterious, mystic, religious, or miraculous practice.

  3. Practicality: to understand the characteristics of Reiki and its techniques to be able to explain the purposes and importance of them rationally.

  4. Simplicity: to simply follow the instructions in the official manuals. Do not make it complicated. Enjoy practicing them anytime, every day and feel the effects.

About Hiroshi Doi Sensei

Hiroshi Doi Sensei is a founder of Gendai Reiki Ho.
Born in Okayama, Japan in 1935. After learning countless healing modalities, he learned the Western Reiki and the original Japanese Usui Reiki systems.  He deepened his study and practice of both Reiki methods, and developed Gendai Reiki Ho, which combines the techniques from Western Reiki and the deep spiritual aspects and the truth of life from Japanese Usui Reiki. Hiroshi Doi is the president of Gendai Reiki Healing Association (GRHA).

The link to Hiroshi Doi Sensei's Gendai Reiki Healing Association: www.greiki.net

Gendai Reiki Healing Association Facebook page: www.facebook.com/greiki.net

Key Factors of Gendai Reiki Practice

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Daily Self-Treatment

Giving yourself a Reiki treatment every day makes an important foundation for your Reiki journey. 

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Practice exercises and techniques from your Gendai Reiki manuals every day. They will polish your Reiki pathway. 



Gokai is simple five principles in life that Mikau Usui Sensei taught his students. It is the essence of Reiki.



Attend our Koryukai and Kensankai, or  in your local Gendai Reiki community. It is important to learn from your fellow masters and practitioners. 


Emperor Meiji's Gyosei

Mikao Usui Sensei encouraged to study the Japanese Waka poems composed by Emperor Meiji to improve spirituality.